Accorder gets Frank


We’re delighted to say that award-winning film composer Frank Ilfman, has joined the talented roster of Accorder Music’s composers. Frank, an incredibly versatile writer, created the compelling score for the chilling Israeli thriller Big Bad Wolves. The movie, described by Quentin Tarantino as “the best film of the year” opens in the UK on December 6th – do NOT miss it (unless you are of a nervous disposition). Frank’s other recent scores include the Eurovision musical Cupcakes, May I Kill U?, a dark comedy, directed by BAFTA winner Stuart Urban and starring Kevin Bishop; Mercenaries, directed by Paris Leonti, starring Robert Fucilla and Billy Zane; the three-part documentaries The Iraq War and Putin, Russia and the West for BBC and the internationally loved heartbreaking film Bitter Seeds, directed by Micha Peled. Forthcoming films include Apples and Oranges for director Richard Scobie and the romantic comedy Emotional Rescue, starring Heather Graham and Timothy Hutton. See what we meant by versatile!