Accorder OK for YOKO

Accorder is delighted to be continuing our relationship with the wonderful people at Russia’s Wizart Animation with our publishing of the music for their new TV series Yoko (52 x 12). We already publish the beautiful score to Wizart’s successful movie franchise The Snow Queen (episodes 1 and 2, with 3 out this year). Yoko is a co-production between Wizart TVSeries, the company’s television department, and Spain’s Somuga and Dibulitoon.

Yoko follows the adventures of three children — Mai, Oto and Vik who simply love to play outside. The enthusiasm with which they throw themselves headlong into their games sparks the curiosity of a magical being called Yoko who takes ordinary kids’ games and turns them into extraordinary adventures. The music is being composed by the marvelous Michael Richard Plowman (Tree Fu Tom, Sonic Boom, George of the Jungle).