Accorder Kids – Meet The Composers

Stuart K

Stuart Kollmorgen

“Producers often find talking about music very, very difficult. You can steer actors, designers, writers relatively easily but getting across what music you’re looking for is extremely hard because there’s no real language for it.”

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Scanned Document

Andrew McCrorie-Shand

“The more producer guidance I get the merrier! I’ve worked with temp tracks ranging from Mozart to Green Day and Brian Eno to scratchy snippets of ads hastily recorded on a mobile phone from the TV. It all helps create the right texture”

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Michael R

Michael Richard Plowman

“I want to really enjoy the project. It can be a very long process taking the team on an emotional roller coaster lasting years. So “get to know me” is really important. Because when things get tense the relationship and trust hold it together.”

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