Format LogosCongrats to Love Productions who have clocked up yet another Great British Bake Off format sale – this time to Germany –  making a baker’s dozen of 13 shows either on air or due to screen soon. The German version – Das Grosse Backen – will be on air at the end of the year.  And of course since they really love their breads and strudels it should be a great ding-dong. There are now editions in Australia, the US, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine and several more.  When you view these shows (which we have of course) you’ll understand how a strong format as GBBO can really transfer so well. And part of that format is Tom Howe’s wonderful music. Check out the Australian version which has a “Mary Berry” type-judge who is really scary.  She makes Dragon’s Den Debra Medan look soft and cuddly.