Catherine Vetere

Catherine is the storm before the calm. A whirlwind of ideas and an epicentre of innovation, her creative spirit is matched only by her determination and single-mindedness.

A writer and radio presenter in Ottowa, Catherine’s success snowballed as she wrote, directed and produced several award-winning television shows for TV Ontario. Moving to London in the late 80’s and, later, training with the National Film & Television School, Catherine is currently Associate Producer at Tomori Films and Script Developer at Enigma Entertainment.

Catherine joins us from under a pile of scripts to share some of the magic behind her boundless energy and unlimited resourcefulness.

1. What are you watching on TV?
I can’t get enough of Have I Got News For You.

2. If you weren’t a producer what job would you be doing?
I would love to sing in a rock and roll band.

3. What is your greatest extravagance?
A Fazioli concert grand.

4. If I came to your house, what 3 things would I find in your fridge?
Cheese, milk and butter – I was born on a dairy farm.

5. What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

6. If you could perpetuate a myth about yourself, what would it be?
Catherine is a totally calm and stress free person.

7. How long did it take from seeing the script of A Thousand Kisses Deep to the film screening?
I read the script which was initially called The Veil of Maya, (which became Harmony during the shoot and only when we found the Leonard Cohen poem did all the pieces of the puzzle come together and, after obtaining the necessary permissions, we renamed it A Thousand Kisses Deep) in the autumn of 2009. It had been with our director for some time before I came on board. We had our Cast and Crew Screening in May of 2011 and I’m still sorting out the deliverables …

8. Is Dougray Scott as good as he looks?
That’s a loaded question… Dougray looks as good as his pictures.  He sounds fantastic (I melt when I hear his deep, Scottish accent) and he is a smart and lovely man and actor.  I am a big fan!

9. What are your all-time greatest movies?
There are just too many to choose from. My current favourite is The Secret in Their Eyes. But whenever I need a movie to watch to make me feel good I always choose Almost Famous. Who can possibly resist joining in and singing Elton John’s Tiny Dancer?

10. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
I don’t think I’ve told it yet. I’m Catholic and half Italian, so I’m sort of a religious Pinocchio when it comes to lying.

11. What keeps you awake at night?
It used to be the children when they were babies right up until I’d wait for the key in the front door at 3am (or so). Now it’s usually film production problems or inspirations.

12. What are you working on at the moment?
Delivering A Thousand Kisses Deep to Goldcrest Films International who are the worldwide sales agents. With Tomori Films I am developing The Houdini Girl, Bush Doctor and Viewers, and with Poisson Rouge Pictures I am working on three shorts: Beast in post-production, Two Minutes and Looking for Lawrence in pre-production. And reading, reading, reading both books and scripts.

13. What’s your favourite firework?
The Catherine Wheel, of course.