Paul Arnold (Bob), and Andrew Barnabas (Barn) are two highly successful contemporary media composers. They ran the music and sound department of Sony Computer Entertainment until 2001, and now score music for TV Shows, Video Games and Films. Notable mentions from their vast portfolio of credits include the music for hit new comedy Dead Pixels, Green Street 3: Never Back Down, and video game blockbusters Neverwinter Nights, Forza, Brink, BAFTA nominated Primal and MediEvil.

Their versatility as composers is evident and can range from a careful combination of orchestration, to jazz harmonies as well as choirs, which create a unique sound, regardless of genre. This is reflected in their TV work; writing scores for various Dispatches documentaries, comedy mini series’ such as Avatards and I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse, and the highly rated BAFTA winning crime gameshow Armchair Detectives.

Bob and Barn also wrote music for the new internationally renowned, Midsummer’s Night Dream – a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s infamous comedy, featuring Robert Lindsay and Juliet Aubrey. Their other film credits include Time Will Tell (2018), AmStarDam (2016) and the action-thriller I Am Soldier (2014).

Composer Resources:

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