Xiaotian Shi is a talented and versatile composer for Film and Television. Having attended the Royal College of Music between 2004-2008, Xiaotian studied Composition and Piano at the Royal Academy of Music under a full scholarship, and was later awarded an Associateship. He has since gone on to write music for a wide variety of television, films and advertisements

Winning the prestigious Transatlantyk International Film Music Competition in 2013 led Xiaotian to score several high profile Hollywood films, such as Pierce Brosnan’s November Man (2014), alongside Marco Beltrami. Xiaotian has also composed music featured in over 40 different TV productions, including AMC reality show Game of Arms, Bear Grylls’ The Island, two series of popular telenovela Señora Acero, Oprah’s In Deep Shift, and shows for WWE, UFC and CNN.

Xiaotian has recently been working on the original soundtrack for film Synkhole, as well as the music for Koyoki’s Forces of Freedom game.