Driving Magic from Stephen

The amazing soundtrack to the best-selling Project Cars driving simulation game has now been released on Accorder’s Red Rocca label. Created by Accorder composer Stephen Baysted, this fantastic score matches the brilliance of the game which is wowing fans worldwide with its fabulously authentic graphics and ground-breaking features. As a result Project Cars, created by British games developers Slightly Mad Studios, has become one of the best selling driving games ever, generating sales of over a million in its first two weeks of release this May.

Fans can now hear Stephen’s magnificent score. “Like all authentic racing simulation titles, there is no music during gameplay; car engines always take precedence.” said Stephen.  “My job as composer is to try to enhance the player’s sense of immersion in this world of racing and deepen their emotional and psychological responses to it by ‘preparing’ them for the race. The music in the menu system is therefore dramatic, gripping, epic, gladiatorial and is infused with race day sounds – cars, crowds, tannoys – so that it links directly to the sound world they will be exposed to whilst racing. It tries to get inside the head of the racing driver and represent the range of emotions they feel – fear, excitement, nerves, adrenaline pumping, and danger. “


Also available to stream on Spotify.