Golden Oldies

Heartfelt congratulations to composer Matthew Slater for the wonderful music to the much praised and moving documentary Golden Oldies. This BBC1 film (October 23rd) tunes in to three pensioners as they pass on their astute and humorous thoughts on becoming old, offering an affectionate insight into old age in the 21st century. Doris is 84 and will not let a living soul – including the film-maker – inside her Clacton home for fear that social services will take it away. Feisty Kitty, also 84, shows off her Kate Moss-inspired lingerie collection. But there is also a more poignant side to her story – she is a poorly woman and dreams of one day finding a miracle cure. Frank, meanwhile, has been alone since his family emigrated and he has lost the will to carry on – but not his intelligence or his tragic humour.  A snapshot of how it really is – a documentary that stays with you.   “A wonderful film” Time Out