Great Rail Restorations, Departing Tonight!

All aboard! Tune into Channel 4 at 8pm for Great Rail Restorations with Peter Snow, running every Wednesday from the 6th June. Produced by Brown Bob Productions, it’s sure to be a fantastic voyage through time, visiting the most iconic carriages ever to run on the railways. Accorder caught up with composer Matthew Slater, who wrote the music for the series, below:

It’s always wonderful to be asked back to work with a production company, so when Jacqueline Hewer from Brown Bob Productions called to talk about a new project they were filming I immediately said yes.  Great Rail Restorations is exactly that, taking four completely dilapidated train carriages from four periods in history and bringing them back to former glory, coupling them together in a single train, and walking down the carriages of history.   Add in Peter Snow, and you have a compelling mix.
Brown Bob always have a firm idea as to what the style the music should be, so after a few short chats, off I went.  Toil, grandeur, disaster and emotion (and that’s just the composing process for you) were the order of the day.  The series is beautifully shot and edited, the music sort of just composed itself.   I just had to keep it on the rails mostly.
Collaborating with Brown Bob is always a seamless process.  We have a clear language between us when it comes to music, and I feel blessed to work with a production company who understand the value specially composed music can bring to a show.

So don’t delay! Catch Great Rail Restorations with Peter Snow on Channel 4, Wednesdays at 8pm from 6th June 2018. Music published by Accorder Music.