Happy Films Book (aboo) Accorder

Happy Films, the production company behind the BAFTA award-winning Bookaboo, has appointed Accorder as its music publisher. The CITV and ABC Australia series  is acclaimed by parents and teachers alike as a fantastic way of introducing youngsters to books. Each episode features a celebrity (Meat Loaf, Emelia Fox, Al Murray, Mel C and many others) reading a book to Bookaboo, the rock drummer dog.

It’s only after he’s had his read that he’ll get up on stage. As Bookaboo always says, “A story a day or I just can’t play!” The show was created, produced and directed by Happy Films founder Lucy Goodman specifically to help parents get back into the habbit of reading to theri children. By 2011, 26,000 books had been donated to disadvantaged children across the UK on behalf of Bookaboo and the publishers and celebrities taking part.  The music is written and mostly played by Mark Dyson.