Jocelyn Stevenson

I first met Joc when she was Creative Director at HIT Entertainment (writes Simon Forrest). She was like a breath of fresh air – completely irreverent, a born rebel, hugely talented and fired with that slightly crazy-eyed obsession for making shows that are good for young children’s minds as well as being great entertainment. But then Joc is entitled to her obsessions because she has earned her stripes

She cut her teeth with a master: Jim Henson, clocking up credits that include Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, The Magic Bus, Bob the Builder, Thomas & Friends – the list of successes is very long. Joc is now Creative Director for TT Animation, Warner Brothers’ UK animation company generating some really interesting work. Joc wrote co-created and produced What’s Your News? a show that’s technically and creatively mould-breaking where the news is made by the young viewers. We love working with her and look forward to the continuing stream of hits Joc and her team are going to be generating over the years.

1. What are you watching on television at the moment?
I don’t watch television “live” – I’m a great fan of Sky Plus. At the moment, we’re Sky Plus-ing Nurse Jackie, The Big C, Glee and The Human Planet.

2. What’s your earliest TV memory?
Watching Howdy Doody with my little brother (Ed: apparently some strange early US series involving a cowboy and a puppet!)

3. Who was the greatest influence on your television career?
Jim Henson because of his vision and humour. Fraggle Rock was born when he said, “I want you guys to create a TV show for kids that’ll help stop war.” Who’s thinking like that now? Now it’s all: “I want you to create a show that’ll make money.” Almost thirty years later, Fraggle Rock is still making money.

4. The Simpsons or Family Guy?
The Simpsons.

5. Sex and the City or The Sopranos?
Sex and the City. I stopped watching The Sopranos during series 3 because I realised I didn’t like any of the characters.

6. Greatest extravagance
A bolt hole in the south of France. Also the greatest necessity.

7. The television show you would have loved to produced
The Big Bang Theory

8. What music are you listening to at the moment?
Freddie Stevenson.

9. Your favourite composer/singer/group
Freddie Stevenson (Check him out!)

10. Secret vice
None of them are secret.

11. Greatest indulgence
Book shopping now that I no longer have any place to put the books.

12. What makes a great kids’ show?
Great characters – great storytelling.

13. Top three movies of all time
Impossible to answer. Depends what day it is.

14. Top tip for keeping so happy and youthful
Happy is my default setting. Youthful? Wear a mask!