Jolly Emmy Nom for Brolly

Huge, huge congratulations to Accorder composer Brolly who has been nominated for an Outstanding Music & Sound Emmy for his work on Animal Misfits for PBS in the US and the BBC in the UK.  Brolly wrote the music alongside the editing process and then recorded the tracks using musicians from the National Orchestra of Wales.

“I would work up a rough musical idea for a sequence and send it over to Producer, Gavin Boyland who would provide comments. We were able to experiment and refine the tracks as we went along”, says Brolly. “It was a real privilege to work with the National Orchestra of Wales’ musicians as their emotion fed into the score, something that you just can’t do with a computer. We had a lot of fun pretending to be parrots and big headed mole rats. I spent five weeks writing music to some wonderful pictures, being part of a great team and working with a top bunch of musicians and engineers. Life doesn’t get any better than that!”