Matt’s Excellent Endeavours

Congratulations to Accorder’s Matt Slater who has written the music for 3 out of the 4 new episodes for ITV’s hit series Endeavour. The sixties-set series is of course a spin-off from the original Morse, a TV legacy that Matt’s been involved in for many years. He’s following on from Barrington Pheloung who created the classic scores for the show since the very beginning,  “Following thirty years of Barrington’s highly respected work was an honour. Having worked on the Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour series’ for nearly twenty of those years myself I had a good feel for the musical world he’d created and was able to blend the feel of Endeavour with my own style, giving it a slightly new direction but still hopefully respecting the well loved heritage of Endeavour Morse.”

Matt’s also written two fantastic sixties style songs for one of the new episodes.  “Natalie, my wife, loves this period in music, as do I, so we sat down and listened to lots of Dusty, Small Faces, Pink Floyd etc. to get a feel for the period” says Matt. ” I approached this in a very old fashioned way.  Cup of coffee, piano, pencil and paper!  It seemed the best way to start the process as authentically as possible.”

PS The Daily Mail gave Matt a very well deserved name check for the 60’s songs as well!  What Would Mrs Whitehouse Say?

Picture shows Matt recording the Endeavour score at Abbey Road Studios.