Nik’s Worldly Music

Congratulations to Evans Media for Where in the World (20 x 15) which starts in the UK on CBeebies on 5th June. The series music is from Accorder’s Nik Ammar and in the words of producer Dominic Sant his music ” had a huge effect on the films, really bringing them to life”.  In many ways the commission was the perfect fit for Nik, who’s steeped in ethnic music through both is own extensive travels and his years performing and writing with British band Oi Va Voi. Says Nik, “ I felt completely at home writing the music, creating a fusion of ethnic and contemporary sounds.”

Where in the World is one of CBeebies most ambitious documentary series capturing the lives of eight young children in eight countries. Filming took over a year and was a massive undertaking overcoming flooding, illness and mind-numbing officialdom. The films offer viewers a timely reminder that children, wherever they live, have a lot more in common than adults might think.