Our TV & Film Music Publishing and Rights Management Services

Accorder Music is a unique, hand-on music publisher, providing an unsurpassed level of service designed to help and assist producers and other IP owners. Alongside our producer-focused activities we have an outstanding roster of Composers who have written for global hits including The Great British Bake Off, Teletubbies, Ali G, Tree Fu Tom, BBC Natural World and Endeavour.

We support producers at all stages of production, from engaging a composer right through to collecting royalties generated from performance, online or licensing. Accorder offers a truly 360 degree service, giving assistance and support all through the creative process and far beyond.

Our composers and songwriters not only span right across Europe, but also into North America. Accorder’s policy is to work with writers we share a common goal with and want to develop, both creatively and commercially, to help fulfil their potential.

To find out more, please get in touch with Anne Miller. anne@accordermusic.com

Worldwide music publishing royalty collection

We collect worldwide publishing royalties for your music. When your music is broadcast, streamed, publicly performed or mechanically reproduced, we make sure all your available income is collected and paid to you. We take care of all aspects of copyright administration, global royalty tracking and collection and account everything to you in transparent statements.

TV and Film Music Composer introductions

Our TV and Film music composers are internationally renowned and working with the best producers worldwide. We make the right introductions to ensure the best creative synergy for your production.

Composer briefing, pitching and selection process

In order to allow you to find the best composer for your project we are able to offer a music briefing, pitching and selection service, enabling you to find the composer that best complements your production needs.

Contract negotiation for producers and composers

Having the clearest music agreements between producers and composers protects all parties throughout the creative process. We assist with contractual negotiations between producers and composers, including providing contract templates, freeing you up to focus on your production.

Music clearance

Music clearance for TV, film and multimedia involves researching the rights owners of this music and negotiating the use of these music rights. We have strong existing relationships with major and independent music publishers and record labels worldwide, which enables us to offer a fast and efficient music clearance service.

Music supervision

We work with your budget to create the best musical score, through commissioned music, commercial songs and production music catalogue. We’ll make sure you have the music that best fits your needs and that all rights are cleared.

Music synchronisation

Our Sync Team work closely with music supervisors to feature our diverse catalogue in adverts, games, trailers, film & TV.


We represent talented emerging artists and support them in the early stages of their careers through sync placements and publishing deals.

International broadcast royalty tracking

UK TV and Film punches well above its weight in the international marketplace. It’s therefore essential to have a music publisher with the right infrastructure in place to make sure you’re not missing out on international music income generated from broadcasts and downloads of your productions.

Protection of I.P. and prevention of copyright infringement

Protecting the copyright in intellectual property is of the highest importance to us. This is why we are part of a trial scheme by the PRS for Music Anti-Piracy Unit. We use every endeavour to remove the use of unlicensed content so that our producers and composers are fairly rewarded for the enormous contribution they make to the creative space. Read More.

Digital Releases

Digital releases through our record label Redrocca are an important part of branding and a great way to additionally exploit the music outside of a production. We ensure your music is released through the largest online retailers to maximise income from the music.

Music publishing seminars for production companies

Accorder works with hundreds of producers worldwide managing thousands of copyrights every year across all genres. We are therefore uniquely placed to offer seminars to in-house production teams. These sessions take staff through all aspects of music engagement from commissioning composers to final delivery of music cue sheets.

Production music curated playlists

As part of our service to clients, we put together music playlists and temp tracks for upcoming productions. This music has been specifically created for audio visual media with edits and underscores to ensure the greatest flexibility and nuance for your production.

Production music development

We work closely with editors and producers to understand how they use music and how they like it delivered. We feed this back to our composers, to make sure our production music tracks are created to work seamlessly in audio visual media.