Stephen Makes an Exquisite Impression

Accorder composer Stephen Baysted has composed the wonderful score for a fascinating new cinema documentary The Impressionists: and the Man Who Made Them now out on general release. The film, by award-winning documentarian Phil Grabsky, captures some of the world’s most famous paintings in stunning high definition while interweaving the incredible story of 19th century art collector Paul Durand-Ruel and the extraordinary lengths he went to make Impressionism a household name. It features universally loved masterpieces by Monet, Degas, Cezanne, Renoir, Pissarro and many more. Stephen’s gorgeous original score is now available on Amazon, Spotify and soon available on other other websites, in store and through the Accorder website. It’s also available to listen on YouTube as well. It is absolutely exquisite!

Describing the scoring process Stephen explains, “When director Phil Grabsky and I discussed The Impressionists, he wanted a cinematic and narratively focused score and one which responded directly to the masterworks being shown on screen. We also discussed a musical style and vocabulary which was contemporaneous with the art works, so I put together a listening list for him which contained many of the most well-known works from Debussy, Fauré and early Ravel, and one or two lesser known ‘Impressionist’ composers.”

Phil commented, “The great thing about working with Stephen is that one ends up with a soundtrack that is infused with knowledge of the period but also contemporary, coherent and consistent with the film’s needs. In the cinema it helped make a good film better but, always the sign of a top composer, it was a soundtrack I found myself listening to for fun in the car.”

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