Tea Time High Adventure

Congratulations to Edinburgh’s Plum Films whose fabulous new factual entertainment series Teacup Travels has launched on CBeebies. The 25 x 11 series introduces young viewers to ancient history and archeology through a series of adventures, seen through the eyes of two youngsters Elliot and Charlotte (Roddy ­Gilkison and Evie Brassington).

Each episode of Teacup Travels (25×15-min) centres around the relationship between the children and Great Aunt Lizzie (Gemma Jones), an enigmatic and mysterious woman, who claims to have been an archeologist for more years than anyone can remember! According to Kay Benbow, controller for CBeebies, said the series “combines story-telling with high adventure in a way that will inspire and encourage children to want to learn more about life in ancient times”.

The wonderful fully-orchestrated score is by Rasmus Borowski and Alexius Tschallener.