The Day Accorder Met Wiggleywoo

We’re delighted to be publishing the music for The Day Henry Met produced by up-and-coming Irish animation producers, Wiggleywoo. The 26 x 5 pre-school series will launch on RTEjr in June this year with initial presales to key territories Nick Jr in the UK and Ireland, TVO in Canada, YLE in Finland and SVT in Sweden.

Aimed at the pre-school audience, The Day Henry Met encourages children to use their imagination and discover the world around them through play and adventure. In every episode Henry meets something new, which becomes the focus of his journey of discovery and adventure. The Day Henry Met a Whale! The Day Henry Met the Moon!, The Day Henry Met a Knight! Hmmm, we wonder what Henry’s going to meet today?

Wiggleywoo has gone from strength to strength since its launch in March 2012. Wiggleywoo are Creative Director, Gilly and Producer Susan Broe. Their adult animated drama Tea with the Dead will be broadcast on TG4 in 2015. Wiggleywoo has a slate of animation projects in development, kids and adult animation, a feature film and apps.

The music for the series is composed by Gilly (Gary Gill) and Dan O’Gorman.