The Old Ways are Still the Best

Interesting research from US kids experts reveals that despite the mass usage by children of tablets, smart phones etc. over 70% of the time it’s the telly kids go to for their entertainment. That figure is for 8 to 18 year olds and when you look at how teens consume entertainment a whopping 83% still sit down in front of the television. Given the huge investment by media companies in tailoring content for the non-TV experience this is really interesting. The big change is that 50% of viewing is now not done live, but on catch-up or watch on-demand. The research comes from Common Sense Media who asked the questions of 2600 American youngsters. Yes, the research is American but as sure as day-follows-night I think we can anticipate the same sort of results in the rest of the world in time. Here’s an article on the findings from Kidscreen.